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Want to know the hard work that goes behind the scene of being a DJ?

Learn from the award-winning* globetrotting DJ Aldrin with a 4-part introductory workshop. Get familiarised with industry standard Club DJ gear and technology,

learn basic beat-matching and various styles of mixing.

Discover your inner DJ! Unleash your inner Rockstar!

Learn how to rock your own private parties!

Gather your crew for fun group sessions while picking up a new skill.

Parents! Enrich your kids (preferably 12 years and older) with a special set of skills.

Inspire their creativity and expose them to new ways of music appreciation.

It's a fun activity, especially during the school holidays!

It could also be a great bonding activity for parent and kid as well.

For corporate firms, there's also a 1-day (3 hours) team-building workshop tailored to your corporate needs.

Interest, a pair of wire headphones & access to a computer

is all you need to get started!

Contact us for pricing and book a spot now!


2013 I-S Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Best Local DJ 

2011 I-S Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Best Local DJ

2010 I-S Magazine Top 10 DJs of 2010

2008 I-S Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Best Local DJ

2006 Juice Magazine - Best Local DJ

2005 Juice Magazine - Best Local DJ

2005 I-S Magazine Readers’ Choice Wards - Best Local DJ

2004 DJ Mag Awards Ibiza - Nominated Best Newcomer

2003 Juice Magazine - Best Local DJ



What do we need to bring for the sessions?


Just a pair of wired headphones.



How often will the sessions be?


Depending on your schedule, it can be weekly or twice weekly.



Do we need to have a DJ setup at home?


You won't need to at the start but depending on your level of interest after a few sessions, we might suggest to purchase a relatively cheap controller to make practicing at home easier.



How many people will there be in the group sessions?


Minimum 2, maximum 4.



For the group sessions, will there be other people in the session?


We try to keep it amongst friends/family to make it more fun.



What if one of us falls sick? Is there make up class for that person?


We'll try to postpone the session so that everyone stays on the same page.



Would you consider teaching a child below 12 years old?


We will consider if the child shows a keen interest and has at least some decent knowledge of current pop music. Some knowledge in other electronic genres and/or some knowledge in music theory would be a bonus.

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